Become a Fruitful
Cross-Cultural Missionary

in as Few as 5 Months

Quality pre-field missionary training can help you last longer on the field and bear more fruit.

Studies show that many missionaries planning to go to the mission field long-term are only lasting about two years, and experts agree that quality pre-field missionary training can help workers bear more fruit and last longer on the field.

We take a proven, holistic approach to missionary training and preparation. We purposely focus on integral ministry training: head (formal, classroom, theory), heart (informal, community, spiritual), and hands (non-formal, on-the-job, practical). By doing so, we equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to be successful serving in missions.

Is Missionary Training School
Right for You?

  • Are you looking for practical, hands-on training before going overseas?
  • Do you want to earn a Bible degree while actually doing cross-cultural missions?
  • Are you wanting to get your feet wet in missions or take a "gap year" before making a long-term commitment?
  • Do you want training to become more effective reaching out to the refugees, immigrants, and international students coming to our country?
  • Are you an empty nester wanting to use your "second half" to expand the Kingdom of God?

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is perfect for

The Benefits of
Missionary Training School

  • Learn from experienced cross-cultural missionaries, missionary trainers, and missions experts.
  • Live incarnationally in some of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world.
  • Apply the skills from class immediately in the community as you learn them. This program is immersive and intensive.
  • Earn an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree in intercultural studies in as few as five months.
  • Interact daily with neighbors from the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa representing all the major religious groups of the world.
  • Graduate with the skills, character, and confidence to follow God's call on your life to make disciples of all nations.

"I am so thankful for Global Frontier Missions and their vision to reach the peoples among us that the peoples across the world may be reached, too. GFM is willing to serve among some of the most challenging people groups to reach in the United States. Their short-term trips, internships, and missionary trainings are outstanding opportunities to minister to and share the gospel with the strangers next door."

J.D. Payne

Author of Strangers Next Door and Pastor of Church Planting at the Church of Brook Hills

J.D. Payne

"We are very pleased with the preparation, both in the classroom and in the community. Three recent graduates of GFM are now serving with us in Mexico and India, all in difficult circumstances. Their time in Atlanta was a key part of their preparation for these fields. We highly recommend that you choose GFM as a place to be challenged, encouraged, exhorted, and instructed."

Don Oates

Director of Global Fellowship

Don Oates

MTS was great for me as a recent college graduate to come get practical, hands-on training to enter the cross-cultural mission field. MTS has equipped me to understand different cultures and religions and how to share the gospel with people in these contexts, all while growing in my relationship with The Lord. I have learned more about myself, how I fit on a team, and how to practically deal with situations that arise on the mission field. MTS really encompasses the head, heart, and hands that it takes to be an effective cross-cultural laborer.

Kim P.

Charlotte, NC
Age: 23

GFM not only taught us some very practical and necessary skills for the mission field, it also created an environment to apply the teaching while ministering to internationals. This allowed us to better determine the area of ministry God was directing us towards. We can't imagine going on the mission field without the thorough preparation and experience from Missionary Training School.

Kevin & Jan S.

Missionaries in Mexico
Age: 53, 52

Where Can You Train?

Each of our Missionary Training School locations offer the same core values and curriculum, but each one has its own unique ministry emphasis.

MTS Atlanta

  • Live incarnationally in apartment complexes with refugees from over 60 different nations.
  • Work alongside established laborers planting churches among unreached people groups.
  • 5 month intensive program with an optional 7 month apprenticeship afterwards.

MTS Richmond

  • Experience life and ministry in the context of a "Global City" where people from 121+ different nations now call home.
  • Join our welcoming and disciple-making efforts while doing life-on-life discipleship with our long-term team.
  • Spend an additional 7 months in Richmond after MTS discovering your specific niche in cross-cultural ministry.

Missionary Residencies

  • Designed for people working part or full time jobs (bivocational)
  • Requires about 6-10 hours per week including training, time out in the harvest, house church, and equipping others
  • Live in an ethnically diverse community while working alongside other missional people and veteran missionaries

MTS Online

  • Train in cross-cultural missions at your own pace in your own home.
  • Gain ministry experience working with internationals in your local community.
  • Prepare for the mission field without leaving your current job or context.

The Mission Field Awaits.
Are You Ready?