Atlanta Missionary Training School

Interested in Missionary Training? Did you just finish college or Bible school and looking for some practical, hands-on training before going overseas? Are you an empty nester looking to use your “second half” to advance the kingdom of God? Are you a high school graduate wanting to get your feet wet in missions before going to school or choosing a career path? Are you looking for a “gap year” internship or volunteer experience to serve cross-culturally and gain valuable life or work experience? Could you use training to help you be more effective in reaching out to refugees, immigrants, and international students that are coming to our country? Do you want to earn a Bible degree while actually DOING cross-cultural missions work? Is your family ready to live on mission? If so, our missionary training school might be the perfect place for you as we have had people from all of these walks of life come through in the past!

The main focus of our missionary training school is on raising up laborers to serve among the unreached people groups that are coming to North America as well as those in the 10/40 window. For over 10 years, our missionary training program has successfully equipped people that feel called to church planting and frontier cross-cultural missionary work. However, our missionary training school is also a wonderful program for equipping people that want to reach out to the nations that are coming to us (international students, refugees, and immigrants). The goal of our missionary training is to challenge Christians to embrace God’s heart for the nations and to provide the best training possible so that our graduates can play their part in seeing God glorified among every tribe, tongue, people, and nation whether they are called to stay at home or to go abroad. We have had Bible school students that majored in missions, seminary graduates, pastors, and even missionaries that have come back from the field to get more preparation go through our program and say that they were blown away with what they learned and that they grew more during our five month missionary training than in the rest of their entire Christian walk!

Studies show that many missionaries planning to go to the mission field long-term are only lasting about two years, and experts agree that quality pre-field missionary training can help people bear more fruit and last longer on the field. We take a proven, holistic approach to missionary training and preparation. We purposely focus on integral ministry training: head (formal, classroom, theory), heart (informal, community, spiritual), and hands (non-formal, on-the-job, practical). So, we equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to be successful serving in missions. Learn more about our missionary training school philosophy for training cross-cultural workers. By the end of the program, most of our students say they could not imagine going to the mission field without having this type of training and experience beforehand.

The Missionary Training School is basically a five-month intensive missions internship that includes about three hours of classroom training in the morning coupled with hands-on outreach in the afternoons, so that students can put into practice everything they are learning. We read through much of the Bible during the program as well as many other books to help us understand God’s Word, missions strategy, and cross cultural communication. The academic side of the school can be a little bit challenging as we usually read one book per week, but we also combine that with group discussions, videos, and guest speakers to keep the missionary training exciting. The practical, hands-on experience is the best part of the missionary training as all of our bases are located in very multi-ethnic apartment complexes, so every day, you will walk out your door and have the chance to minister to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and atheists! So, not only are we learning about the Bible and missions theory / principles, we’re going out and sharing the love of Christ daily being not just hearers of the Word, but DOERS.

During the Missionary Training School we cover topics including New Testament survey, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, praise/worship, contextualization, church planting, language learning, team dynamics, knowing God’s will, spiritual gifts, evangelism, cultural adaptation, discipleship, storytelling, oral communication, world religions, community development, tent-making (BAM), mobilization, support raising, etc. Feel free to look at the complete missionary training school curriculum to see what topics will be covered.

All missionary training school students will receive a certificate from Global Frontier Missions upon graduation. For students that are interested in earning a Bible degree by going through the missionary training school, we have developed a special relationship with Covenant Theological Seminary. Our students can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree depending on the amount of education they already have. Getting the degree requires some additional homework, tests, and book reports as well as an additional transfer fee which can be paid directly to CTS. Many missionary organizations require at least 30 hours of undergraduate Bible credit to serve with them long-term, so we partner with CTS so that they can provide Bible degrees to our graduates that would fulfill those requirements.

We also highly recommend that people consider staying on board with us an additional seven months after completing the missionary training school to do a missionary apprenticeship which rounds it out to a year long program. Our students are only able to do part-time ministry during the five months because of the classwork load, so we think that most people would benefit by sticking around and focusing almost exclusively on ministry for an additional seven months to get used to full-time ministry. Missionary training is best done on-the-job and without the classwork and homework, there is a ton of valuable missions experience to gain by sticking around and putting into practice everything you have learned during the school portion of the program. The more you share the Good News of Christ, make disciples, lead small group Bible studies, and plant organic, reproducible churches, the more you will be equipped to go serve among the nations! Let’s make sure that we are doing it “here” before we send you over to do it “there”.

Missionary Training Schools are currently offered at our Atlanta location each spring (January) and fall (August) and at our Houston location (August). The Houston school is a special school designed for those wanting to use English teaching as their missions platform. In 2016, we are planning to launch a new school in Sydney, Australia. Current dates and prices can be found on the right side of this page. As God provides more laborers in the future, we hope to add missionary training schools in new cities as we start new bases. We also have an online missionary training school for those that are not able to make it to one of our existing locations.

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