Overview – What We Do

MISSIONS MOBILIZATION ]: We love getting individuals and churches excited about missions and what God is doing around the world. Our passion is teaching the biblical basis of missions in small groups, churches, and on college campuses. We also help churches organize missions conferences, teach at Perspectives courses, coach people through the steps of getting to the field, and help churches be more strategic in their praying, giving, and going.

SHORT TERM MISSION TRIPS ]: We have hosted hundreds of people on mission trips both in the United States (Atlanta, Houston) and abroad (Mexico, Thailand, South Asia, Morocco) over the past ten years. Each team is challenged to do their part in fulfilling the Great Commission by praying, giving, going, welcoming, or mobilizing. As a result, we have seen many individuals and churches become more missional and kingdom-minded.

SUMMER INTERNSHIPS ]: We offer summer internships for 18- to 25-year-olds in different locations. Some of our interns help us run our short-term mission trips, while other interns have helped in our long-term church planting efforts. These are a great opportunity for people to get their feet wet in missions.

MISSIONARY TRAINING ]: We have several on-the-field Missionary Training Schools that last five months. The purpose of our missionary training is to provide hands-on training for those preparing for overseas service, with an emphasis on frontier missions to unreached people groups. The school provides the dual benefits of an associate’s Bible degree and valuable practical learning experience on the field with full-time missionaries.

CHURCH PLANTING ]: We are mainly a mobilization and training organization, but we do try to plant reproducible, organic churches along the way. After all, the best way to get trained is by “doing”. So, our goal here in the United States is to lead immigrants, refugees, and international students to Christ, disciple them, raise up leaders, plant churches and then let the local people run with the vision to make other disciples and plant other churches. Our ultimate goal is to send out pioneer church planting teams to serve among unreached people groups in the 10/40 window.