Global Frontier Missions’ core values are the DNA of our movement.  As such, we instill them in everyone who participates in our short term mission trips, summer internships, or missionary trainingThese are the values we impart as we make disciples of all nations.

Global Frontier Missions is committed to being:

Acts 17 speaks of the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily to see if the things being taught lined up with God’s Word. At GFM, we love the Bible and want to spend time in the Scripture hearing from the Lord so that His Word guides us as we host short-term mission trips, train missionaries, and make disciples among all nations.

GFM emphasizes working together to take the gospel to all nations. The Great Commission will be fulfilled only when we unite to see Christ glorified throughout the whole earth. Our focus is HIS GLORY! Therefore, we work in conjunction with different churches, organizations, denominations, and individuals to focus on building Jesus’ Kingdom and making a name for Him rather than for ourselves.

GFM staff are in constant learner mode. We read books, attend conferences, glean insights from field missionaries, and compare notes with other churches and organizations. We value creativity and trying new things, not afraid to “fail forward.” We humbly share what we learn, encouraging one another toward personal, spiritual, ministry, and professional growth, as we remain teachable in all circumstances.

Apart from the vine we can do nothing. Absolute dependence upon the Lord is essential, in order to produce lasting fruit. We make decisions for our individual and corporate ministries only as we listen to God in prayer and are led by His Spirit. Jesus said to wait for the Holy Spirit to come before going out to fulfill the great task He gave us. We recognize our need of His conviction, His gifts, His fruit, His prayers, His counsel, and His power to be able to take the Good News to all nations. GFMers live out Ephesians 5:18, “being filled” always with His Spirit, putting off our old man and putting on the new, not grieving the Holy Spirit but ministering in His power.

GFM is firmly dedicated to making disciples who will make other disciples (disciple-making movements) and planting churches that will plant other churches (church planting movements) among the remaining unreached people groups of the world. We constantly teach others to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2) and, thereby, equip the body of Christ while trying to work ourselves out of a job. At GFM, we seek to live and minister in ways that are easy for others to follow and replicate as we serve incarnationally among the people groups we are trying to reach. The simpler we keep our Christianity (Jesus is Lord, love God, and love others), the easier it is to instill believers with a Kingdom lifestyle.

We believe that God’s favorite channel to do His work is through his Church, so we are absolutely committed to prayer, the apostles’ teachings, breaking bread, sharing everything in common, and seeing people come daily into the Kingdom (Acts 2). Following Jesus’ example, GFM concentrates on ministering in a team context. We strongly emphasize depending on the Lord to provide for our financial needs. We are constantly amazed by His miraculous provision as staff and students raise financial support, trusting God for their daily bread. The GFM family lives in biblical community, taking care of one another’s needs in the body and celebrating together. We highly value being welcoming. GFM believes showing hospitality to the foreigners coming to this country is one of the keys to seeing the Great Commission fulfilled. We also invite people into our community to experience Christ along with us. GFM is dedicated to seeing healthy individuals, marriages, and teams serving the Lord together. We pray that the world will know that we are His disciples by our love for one another.

One of GFM’s distinctive qualities is an exclusive dedication to unreached people groups (UPGs). We seek to pioneer new bases and send laborers to areas where the gospel is not yet known. This requires a persevering, trailblazing spirit that is prepared for persecution. We do little mission work in places and among peoples that already have a culturally relevant gospel witness. Check out the biblical basis of missions and the state of the world videos to learn why we feel strongly about UPGs.