Community Outreach Team Member - Atlanta

The purpose of a Community Outreach Team Member is to work at evangelism and discipleship in Clarkston. The member will be responsible to work to integrate new believers into existing churches or work to plant churches in the community. This person will not have the intense role with dedicated time with students but is expected to work with and disciple the students as the Community Outreach Team Member is working in the community. This role is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Required Qualifications

  • Must personally embrace GFM’s purpose, vision, values and statement of faith and identify as a maturing believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Must have skills in leading, managing, and coaching others through servant leadership
  • Must be willing to be a “Paul” to other “Timothys” that want to grow in missions experience by modeling, assisting, watching, and launching others into ministry
  • Must be ready to experience significant missions training and discipleship through GFM’s Missionary Training School (in person sessions or online)
  • Must demonstrate humility, teachability, and an ability to work well with others
  • Must display advanced interpersonal and communication skills (Gmail, Slack, etc.)
  • Must function well both independently and in a team environment

Required Qualifications

  • Spread the gospel of Christ throughout the Clarkston community and work to develop new believers into mature followers of Christ.
  • Community Outreach Team Members meet with and work regularly alongside the Director of Multiplication & Community Outreach Team Leaders to bring strategic direction to all of GFM’s disciple making efforts locally
  • Give spiritual direction to their Community Outreach Team ensuring GFM staff stays Christ-centered; organize times of corporate prayer or worship for their target group
  • Give strategic direction to the students providing vision for the multiplication of disciples and churches among their people group or geographic location pushing the team towards movement
  • Ensure that missionary training students are growing in their cross-cultural competency as we equip them to serve overseas; help students find their fit in ministry

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