Housing and Orientation Coordinator - South Asia

The purpose of the Housing and Orientation Coordinator is to welcome SLICE program participants to healthy living in South Asia, procure and prepare housing for each participant, and train participants on how to successfully set up their own home/life in South Asia. The Housing and Orientation Coordinator prepares for and receives participants, provides an initial orientation during their first days in country, and teaches them how to accomplish daily living tasks (paying rent/electricity, purchasing a gas connection, using public transportation, etc.) successfully in Hill City. The Housing and Orientation Coordinator also trains SLICE participants in the right skills to find suitable housing and set it up. This ministry role can be full time and support-raising is required. The Housing and Orientation Coordinator has the ability to work on site and from home on a regular basis. The role is based out of South Asia.


  • Must personally embrace GFM’s purpose, vision, values, statement of faith and identify as a maturing believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Must have a desire to train SLICE program participants on healthy living in South Asia
  • Must possess a desire to establish relationships among local unreached people groups/communities where SLICE students could reside
  • Must value serving GFM Staff & SLICE program participants by establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with a variety contracted workers, ensuring that their tasks are completed
  • Must be a Godly resource and example for SLICE program participants of perseverance, prayer-fullness, endurance, and encouragement
  • Must understand and apply the MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch, Leave) method in relation to helping SLICE program participants through orientation, securing housing among their focus people, setting up a living area, and training participants to find/set up a house/flat for themselves or others in South Asia
  • Must be ready to experience significant missions training and discipleship through the GFM Missionary Training School (in person sessions or online)
  • Must demonstrate humility, teachability, and an ability to work well with others
  • Must display advanced interpersonal and communication skills (Gmail, Slack, etc.)
  • Must function well both independently and in a team environment
  • A College Degree is preferred but not required; informal training/experience in human resource management, housing/moving work, apartment management, teaching, organization, leadership, and/or ministry will also be taken into consideration


  • Warmly welcome SLICE program participants to South Asia, and specifically to their new home in Hill City
  • Provide a detailed orientation of healthy living in South Asia during SLICE program participant’s first days in country– including (but not limited to) best methods of cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, ways to properly show and receive hospitality, etc. 
  • Map Hill City and learn where different communities of specific language/cultural groups are living– for example: Nepalis, Bengalis, Hindus, Muslims, etc.
  • Prayerfully engage new communities, establishing relationships with residents while looking for new areas to house SLICE program participants
  • Procure suitable housing and formalize leases for SLICE program participants
  • Oversee the process of setting up housing for SLICE program participants
  • Manage relationships with various contracted workers/Artisans involved in setting up housing for SLICE program participants. (for example, get to know electricians, plumbers, shop owners, community group leaders, etc. of an area where SLICE program participants are living)
  • Train SLICE program participants in a variety of processes for procuring and setting up a house in South Asia. (for example, show SLICE program participants local markets where they can purchase household items, teach them how to negotiate a fair monthly rent price, help them get a water filter or inverter battery installed properly, etc.) 
  • Manage finances and bookkeeping related to procuring and setting up housing, i.e. paying contractors, down payment for renting a flat, negotiating monthly rent fees, receiving proper bills, keeping clean financial records, etc.

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