The Missionary Training School in Atlanta is a five-month intensive missions program that includes four hours of classroom training in the morning coupled with hands-on outreach in the afternoon, so that students can put into practice everything they are learning. We read through much of the Bible during the program as well as many other books to help us understand God’s Word, missions strategy, and cross cultural communication. The academic side of the school can be challenging as we usually read one book per week, but we also combine that with group discussions, videos, and guest speakers to keep the missionary training exciting.

Our school and housing is located in Clarkston, GA right in the middle of 22 very multi-ethnic apartment complexes. Known as the “most diverse square mile in America,” Clarkston is home to refugees representing 65+ countries and 110+ dialects!

You can walk out your door and have the chance to minister to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and atheists! Not only are we learning about the Bible and missions theory / principles, we’re going out and sharing the love of Christ daily being not just hearers of the Word, but DOERS.

Some of the key characteristics of the program are:

  • Missionary Training School runs from January through May or August through December
  • Living in community with fellow students and in the same apartment complexes with people from over 65 countries
  • Learn and practice disciple making techniques among refugees
  • At least 12-15 hours of ministry among internationals each week
  • Hands-on experience working alongside a long-term church planting team
  • $3,750 total cost* ($750/month) which includes group housing, utilities, and tuition
  • Application deadline is two months before the school starts

* Cost is for single students who will live in group housing. Married students or students who already live in Atlanta and want to commute can check out our MTS ATL FAQs.

Upcoming Atlanta MTS Dates

Aug 5, 2019 – Dec 17, 2019 – $750/month

Jan 6, 2020 – May 19, 2020 – $750/month

Are you working but still want to receive training? Check out our Missionary Residencies!