• One day (8 hr) tour in Atlanta or Richmond
  • Visit a Mosque or Hindu/Buddhist Temple to learn about other faiths
  • Eat at an ethnic restaurant
  • Learn about different ministries and avenues for you, your family, or church to get involved locally and globally with unreached people groups
  • Prayer walk in local multi-ethnic communities
  • Explore what programs and opportunities GFM offers to equip you to answer God’s call to welcome, send, mobilize, pray, and GO!
  • $50/person (covers food & transportation)

All over the world, unreached people groups are coming to our backyard. They are moving to our cities, building houses of worship, living in our neighborhoods, and going to our schools. How should we react to this?

Global Frontier Missions strongly believes that our reaction should be one of welcome and celebration. Most of these people have come to us as immigrants, international students or refugees and have never had the chance to hear the good news of Jesus! But how do you begin to talk to them about Jesus? Do you even know what they believe?

During our Global Missions Tour, you will have a chance to interact with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists to learn their beliefs and to discover bridges in their cultures to talk about Jesus. This is an intercession and learning trip and not a time for evangelism or debate! It’s a chance to learn to pray more effectively and to discover strategies that find common ground to share the Good News more effectively with people from other faiths. The entire tour is designed to increase your ability to pray for and reach out to the nations God has brought here.

These Global Mission Tours are ideal for church leaders that are considering our Global Missions Journeys. They are also a perfect opportunity for small groups, missions leaders, or churches wanting to learn how they can be more missional by reaching out to the foreigners living close to them.