Send Missionaries

Among Unreached People Groups

Before anyone goes anywhere or any missions efforts take place, there is a vital component that needs to come from the greater church body: “And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!’” (Romans 10:15). Healthy Going cannot happen without holistic Sending.

Sending is more than financially supporting a missionary or praying for them, although both of those things are a part of it. Sending missionaries is about investing in the ministry and overall well-being of the sent-one as a regular part of your everyday life. You’ll find that it not only blesses them, but it also blesses you.

There are many ways to send holistically. Pray when the Lord brings a missionary to mind and let them know that you did. Meet up with them, listen to their stories, and encourage them when they come to visit. Share about the work they are doing with friends or your small group. Get creative! Consider how you can use your skills and resources to bless a missionary such as proofreading their newsletter, helping them with their taxes, or loaning them your extra vehicle. We recommend the book Serving as Senders for those who feel specific ownership in sending as a ministry. 

Whether your circumstances keep you in your home country or you are already serving long-term overseas, whether you consider your ability to contribute to be large or small, cultivating a habit of sending is a great way to have meaningful and critical participation in the Great Commission. Consider who you can help send.

Getting Started

  • Ask your church about missionaries they are supporting and pray for them regularly. 
  • Ask us about a missionary that needs more financial support and start supporting them monthly or annually.

Going Deeper

  • Sign up for a missionary’s email updates and pray about ways you can help them in their ministry such as one time gifts, sending a care package, or providing a vehicle for them to drive when they visit.
  • Start a prayer group in your church that prays for your partner missionaries each month and let the missionaries know when you pray for them.

Deeper Still

  • Host an event to raise awareness about a missionary friend and their ministry. 
  • Go on a trip to visit a missionary friend in their country.

Looking for a way to send?

Global Frontier Missions is relentlessly committed to sending healthy, long term missionaries to the unreached. Together, we can raise up more long-term laborers.