The Power of Multiplication

Sometimes numbers like 3.29 billion people with little access to the Gospel or over 7,400 unreached people groups can be overwhelming.

The sheer enormity of the task remaining can have people discouraged before they even start to get involved in missions. How do we even begin?

While strategies to reach an entire city or country may be helpful, what if we broke the task down a little bit? 

What if it was as simple as obeying  Jesus’ Great Commission given in Matthew 28 to make disciples? What if missionaries didn’t feel the burden to “reach” an entire people group but were faithful to find one or maybe a small handful of available and teachable disciples that they can equip to go out and make disciples as well?

The power of multiplication happens when we share the Gospel and see people decide to repent and believe, and then we help those disciples become “fishers of men” to go out and make other disciples. Christ’s strategy included pouring time into the 12 disciples, knowing that investing in the few would reach the many. What if we did the same by teaching everyone to obey Jesus’ commands?

Hypothetically, if one disciple made another disciple that made another disciple and so on, the entire world’s population could be reached with the Gospel in just 34 years! And that’s if we started with just one Christian. What if your entire small group made the commitment to multiply? What if your church made the simple commitment of having each person make a disciple? 

What if all 500 million people in the world that claim to be Christ follower’s obeyed the commandment to make disciples? We would only be a few years away from everyone having access to the Gospel.

Of course, these hypothetical scenarios don’t take into account the complexity of life. We know that God wants all to come to repentance while also understanding the reality that the road is narrow and only few find it. However, it is encouraging to realize that mathematics validates the critical importance of reaching the few and the key role of every believer to share the Gospel. Even though the task remaining is great, every person on earth having a chance to respond to the Gospel in this generation could be accomplished in our lifetime if disciples became disciple makers.

In Mark 16:15, Jesus said to preach the Gospel to every creature. At GFM, our goal is to be faithful to that by helping disciples and churches expand the Kingdom of God by making other disciples, one disciple at a time.

Who is your one?

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