Multiplying Disciples that Make Disciples

Global Frontier Missions began as a team of church planters working to make disciples of unreached peoples. Although we excel in mobilizing Christians to get involved in missions and training future missionaries, at our heart we are committed to the end goal of glorifying God through disciple making. 

We are committed to multiplying not only disciples, but disciplemakers. It is common to think of North America as a launching pad for missions. However, we invite you to see North America as an actual harvest field, with hundreds of unreached people groups, many of whom remain unengaged, lacking ready access to the gospel, in our backyard. We strongly believe that the best way to equip the saints for cross-cultural ministry is on-the-job training, working directly with unreached people groups from around the globe that live, work, and study right “across the street” from us. We “train” by “doing,” seeking to make disciples and plant churches among unreached people groups living among us.

Part of GFM’s strategy is to lead immigrants, refugees, and international students to follow Christ, disciple them, and launch them out as missionaries to their own people as well as to the ends of the earth. These indigenous disciples will then lead others in their community to Christ, help new believers grow, raise up leaders, and plant simple, reproducible churches as they run with the vision to see a movement of multiplied disciples and churches among their own and other people groups. The term “church planting” is being used less and less in the missions world because Jesus’ command was to “make disciples,” not plant churches. But for the sake of simplicity, we consider “church planting” the whole process of seeing people follow Christ, baptizing them, teaching them to obey Jesus, gathering disciples together as the body of Christ, seeing leaders developed to equip the flock, and seeing that church, as a family on mission, reaching out to others. We use a simple, reproducible church planting model called the 4 fields (although not exclusively), which follows this process.

The ultimate goal of our disciple making efforts is to facilitate church planting movements in North America, assisting local ethnic churches to send missionaries and church planting teams to their home countries and making disciples of unreached people groups there.

Consider joining us to make disciples of all nations. We welcome disciple makers to join an existing team or launch more church planting teams to focus on new apartment complexes, ethnicities, or parts of town.

If you are around Global Frontier Missions very long, you will definitely see that disciple making is a core value of our staff and students. We quote the statistic that if just one Christian made one disciple, and the following year each made one disciple, and they continued that pattern, the whole world would have access to the gospel in just 34 years….one generation! Do you want to be that generation? Join the movement!