Mobilize Others to Unreached People Groups

Have you ever heard of Dean Smith, David Blatt, and Miller Huggins? You may know more about them than you think. These unfamiliar names are the men that coached and managed Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Babe Ruth. Without Dean, David, and Miller, these players and the rest of their teams would not have become champions. Can you imagine if one of those coaches tried to play a basketball or baseball game all by themselves? If they played batter, pitcher, and fielder all at once? They would never win! These men realized they could accomplish way more by equipping and training an entire team of athletes, rather than trying to score points all by themselves.

One of the greatest ways to be a part of seeing the Good News taken to the remaining unreached people groups is to be like Dean, David, and Miller and train up a “team.” We call it “mobilizing.” The genius of mobilization is the impact of multiplication. One person can mobilize and send 4 new missionaries to the field every year. We call this method “addition.” But what if that same person “multiplied” and raised up 2 of those 4 new missionaries to be mobilizers rather than going to the unreached themselves? You would have 3 mobilizers at the end of the first year (1+2) and 2 missionaries. The second year, if each of the three mobilizers raises up 2 new mobilizers and 2 missionaries, there will be 8 missionaries who will have been sent to the field and a total of 9 mobilizers. In the third year, there will be 26 missionaries and 27 mobilizers. And the numbers just keep growing! In 10 years, the person who simply added will have 40 missionaries, but the person who multiplied will have 59,048 missionaries! Mobilization works!

Here are some ways YOU can begin mobilizing.

[+] Invite people to join the movement through our facebook page.
[+] Promote your local Perspectives class.
[+] Start a group to pray for the nations.
[+] Organize a missions trip or take a group of university students to Urbana.
[+] Ask about giving a “missions moment” presentation at your church.
[+] Ask to put an insert focused on missions once a month in the church bulletin.
[+] Consider inviting one of the Global Frontier Missions teams to come to your church or campus to speak about unreached peoples and to provide ways for you and your church to get involved locally and globally.

We are looking for people that would be interested in being “GFM watchmen” in different cities across the United States. They would help promote short-term mission trips, summer internships, and missionary training schools at local churches, college campuses, small groups, and conferences. We will give you the resources and tools you need to become an awesome mobilizer by being able to share about unreached people groups, the biblical basis of missions, and the state of the world. We will coach you along the way and help equip you to raise up many laborers for the harvest field. You can contact us for more information if you would like to be a local GFM rep in your area.