GFM 101

Christian Missions 101: Training And Resources

Welcome to the GFM 101 missions course! Every participant in our short term mission trips, summer internships and missionary training schools is exposed to some version of each of these key missions teachings because they make up the DNA of who we are as a movement. Each of these short whiteboard videos will help give you insight as to the “why” not just of Global Frontier Missions, but of missions in general. 

We have taken these GFM 101 lessons and developed a 5 week small group study called Step In that would be perfect for your Bible study, Sunday school class, missions committee, or church. We would love for you to consider leading a group through this study. Our goal is to have 1000 people per year go through the study and will ship you the books absolutely free in order to mobilize more people for the Great Commission!

Let’s work together to spread the word about God’s glory among all the nations! We have already seen over of a quarter million people reached through GFM’s YouTube channel with the help of our followers. Feel free to share the videos and resources from the GFM 101 course on social media or other avenues as we help raise awareness and advocate for the unreached people groups of the world. Maybe God is calling you to be a “mobilizer“.

The links below will take you to pages where you can watch the videos and will have some downloadable material such as notes, PowerPoint slides, and infographics that you can use to teach the information to others as well. The goal is not just to consume this information but to share it with others to multiply the impact!

GFM 101: What is a UPG?

Have you ever heard of this term before? How about an Unreached People Group? Global Frontier Missions mobilizes individuals and churches to get involved with UPGs close to us and around the world. Find out how missions organizations define this term and how it is used to direct our work.

GFM 101: The Biblical Basis of Missions

How much is missions really mentioned in the Bible? How important is it? This teaching starts you from Genesis and goes all the way to Revelation to see how much God cares about all peoples. God’s command has always been to take the knowledge of His glory to the ends of the earth. Take five minutes and learn about His story.

GFM 101: The State of the World

Now that you know what an Unreached People Group is and understand that we have a God on mission to display His glory among all the people of the earth, how is the Christian church doing? It has been almost 2000 years since Jesus gave us the Great Commission; we must be getting pretty close to completing it, right?

GFM 101: God’s Heart for the Foreigner

So, we know that God has a heart for all nations and desires people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation to be a part of His kingdom. We see the need around the world and the places that don’t have any access to Good News. But what about the influx of internationals living among us? What does God think about all of these people migrating throughout the earth?

GFM 101: 3D Gospel – Guilt Innocence, Honor Shame, and Fear Power Worldviews

Worldview varies from one culture to the next and is one of the biggest obstacles in the presentation and understanding of the Gospel. Cultures tend to be based on guilt/innocence, honor/shame or fear/power. By increasing our understanding of each worldview, we will learn the most effective ways to share the Gospel with people from different cultures.

GFM 101: Christian Community Development (When Helping Hurts)

With hundreds of verses in the Bible concerning the poor, Christians need to embrace God’s heart and His commands concerning those less fortunate. Over and over, God tells His people to care for orphans, widows, foreigners, the sick, and the marginalized. He wants us to care for people both physically and spiritually.

GFM 101: The Power of Multiplication

What if we simply obeyed  Jesus’ Great Commission given in Matthew 28 to make disciples? What if missionaries didn’t feel the burden to “reach” an entire people group but were faithful to find one or maybe a small handful of available and teachable disciples that they can equip to go out and make disciples as well?

GFM 201:

Try our Online Missionary Training School. The first class is entirely free! After that, you can learn more about church planting movements, orality and storytelling, community development, evangelism and discipleship, learning language and culture, spiritual warfare, team dynamics, and much more.


Invite GFM to come share:

GFM staff members travel regularly and are willing to come visit your church, small group, college campus or Perspectives class to engage in a much deeper time of sharing on each of these topics. Contact us to make arrangements for us to come share with your group and challenge them with God’s heart for the nations and explore next step in missions.