Missionary Training School

About GFM's Missionary Training School

Our Missionary Training School (MTS) is a five-month intensive program designed to prepare individuals with the head knowledge, personal character, and hands-on experience to make them effective in cross-cultural ministry overseas or stateside.

Some Specifics of MTS

    • We offer it twice per year from January through May or August through December.
    • Students live in community with fellow students in Clarkston (Atlanta), GA, an official refugee resettlement city for the state of Georgia.
    • Applicants must have at least a high school diploma.
    • We have a correlated program for families with school-aged children.
    • $5,500 total program cost* ($1,100/month) which includes housing, utilities, and tuition.
    • Limited scholarships are available. Contact us for more information.
    • Applications due two months before the start of each semester.

*Tuition cost does not include personal expenses. Cost is for single students who will live in group housing. Married students or students who don’t require GFM housing can check out our MTS FAQs.

What Does the Training Involve?


    • 20 hours in the classroom each week discussing relevant topics as a class facilitated by our training staff
    • Reading and homework assignments due weekly
    • College Credit available upon qualification*


    • Personal discipleship time with a staff discipler
    • Weekly accountability groups
    • Spiritual formation


    • 12-15 hours of cross-cultural ministry each week
    • Labor alongside our long-term workers
    • Learn and practice disciple-making techniques in a multi-ethnic setting
    • Partner with international brothers and sisters

* There is an additional $850 tuition cost if doing the training for college credit. Upon acceptance to MTS there are additional steps required to qualify for college credit.

“In just a few weeks, God has opened my eyes to the world around me and given me a renewed heart for others.” – Read more from a student’s perspective

Who Should Attend MTS?

Don’t let the term school and student turn you away! We have designed our training using adult-learning methods that involve in-depth classroom discussions and provide space for individuals to personally grapple with every aspect of the missionary lifestyle. Our training school is for you if you are:

    • A high school or college graduate looking to learn mission strategy while putting it into practice first-hand and not going into debt.
    • A young professional and/or married couple wanting to take the next step toward the vision God has given you for missions.
    • A couple with kids that desire to practically learn how to live on mission as a family.
    • A retiree who wants to use your wisdom and experience to disciple the next generation.

Upcoming MTS Dates

January 8, 2024 – May 21, 2024
August 5, 2024 – December 17, 2024

GFM not only taught me some very practical and necessary skills for the mission field, it also created an environment to apply the teaching while ministering to internationals. This allowed me to better determine the area of ministry God was directing me towards.