Missions Mentoring

Missions Coaching Tailored to Your Journey

We firmly believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled. However, we also recognize that it can be difficult to discover that role.

Whether it’s facing countless obstacles in your path or sorting through endless options to pursue, stepping into the world of missions can be daunting. That’s why we have staff dedicated to walking individuals through the process of discerning their most strategic role in the Great Commission. Through the highs and lows of the journey, they’ll be there for you with personalized coaching and mentoring, always reminding you of the gospel and the worthiness of Christ. 

Regardless of whether or not any of our cross-cultural training opportunities are the right fit for you, our Missions Advisors are passionate and intentional about walking alongside you in your pursuit of Jesus and the nations. They love Jesus fervently and care for His people freely, and they would be thrilled to get the chance to know you and be a resource for you in your journey.

In the past, our Missions Advisors have helped individuals:

  • Find a solid cross-cultural training program while exploring potential sending agencies.
  • Discover the foreign-born community within their context while providing practical suggestions for engaging in cross-cultural ministry with immigrants, refugees, and international students.
  • Become a missions mobilizer within their local church, college campus, or small group through various resources.
  • Grow in their understanding of the gospel as they prepare for the mission field.
  • Have the accountability and prayer support they need to take intentional steps to discover their role in the Great Commission through efforts that focus on seeing the Gospel within reach of every tribe, tongue, people, and nation as soon as possible!

So are you ready to take the next step in missions?

You don’t have to go it alone. Connect with one of our Missions Advisors, and let us walk alongside you in this journey.