Missions Mobilization Resources

Teaching Resources

Global Frontier Missions' Mission Mobilization Resources

Step In Study: Small Group Study

Lead our free, five-week small group study designed to provide Christ-centered education and missional exposure to believers of all ages.

Habits of a Global Christian: Video Series

Often, participation in the Great Commission gets relegated to taking a short-term missions trip one week out of the year. But we would like to challenge you to see how participation in the Great Commission is a lifestyle that can be cultivated day-in and day-out, all-year-round.

GFM 101: Core Missions Teachings & Videos

Each of these short whiteboard videos provides insight to the “why,” not just of Global Frontier Missions, but of missions in general. They cover topics such as the Biblical basis for missions, unreached people groups, community development, and more!

Why Training: Video Series

Are you unsure how to explain the importance of missionary training to friends, family, or church leadership? Our Why Training video series enunciates the importance of training for cross-cultural workers.

Missions Mentoring

Global Frontier Missions' Mission Mobilization Resources

Ready to take the next step in missions?

You don’t have to go it alone. Connect with one of our Missions Advisors, and let us walk alongside you in this journey. Obedience to the call of God can be costly, and oftentimes there isn’t much encouragement in pursuit of His mission. Please don’t go forward alone or in isolation. Whether you need some encouragement in your pursuit of Jesus, are looking for the most strategic next step in your missional journey, or want suggestions on how to engage the nations in your hometown, we would love to hear from you!

Short Term Trips

Global Frontier Missions' Mission Mobilization Resources

Global Missions Tour (GMT)

Join us for a Global Missions Tour — an 8-hour exposure trip for individuals and groups who desire to discover God’s heart for the nations, experience ethnic diversity, and explore their most strategic role in the Great Commission. 

Global Missions Journey (GMJ)

Join us for a Global Missions Journey — a weekend strategically designed to provide equipping opportunities for groups and churches that desire to learn how to serve cross-culturally as well as share Christ with unreached people groups.

Global Missions Experience (GME)

Host a cross-cultural learning experience at home! The Global Missions Experience is a digital kit of materials based on Global Frontier Missions’ short-term trips in Clarkston. The program is very flexible and could be used for a one or two-day experience. 

Church Partnerships

Global Frontier Missions' Mission Mobilization Resources

We love the local church and desire to serve, resource, and mobilize God’s people to fulfill their role in the Great Commission. If there are ways our staff can help to mobilize your congregation, we would love to talk with you about possibilities.