Step In Study

A Free Five Week Study Exploring Your Purpose in This Generation

At the beginning of 2018, Barna Group released some sobering statistics about the fact that over half of churchgoers in the US don’t know what is meant by the term “the Great Commission.”

We have the opportunity to respond to this information, to be a part of the solution… but will we step up? Do we care enough to invest time and resources into God’s mission for His church? Will we sound the rallying call, or will we continue to be inactive and indifferent?

GFM is equipping facilitators to lead Step In, a five-week small group study designed to provide Christ-centered education and missional exposure to believers of all ages.

*Recently revised with new, engaging content to invite your small group into the lifestyle of a global Christian. Available now!

Step One: God’s Heart for His Glory

Step Two: Genesis to Revelation: the Mission of God

Step Three: The Task Remaining

Step Four: The Gospel & Culture

Step Five: Everyone is a Disciple Maker

Each lesson is pithy and practical, and as leaders facilitate this journey among those in their community, they will have the opportunity to invest in the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom through mobilization and discipleship.

Our prayer is that this journey of discovery will serve as a catalyst for God’s Spirit to illuminate the specific role He has for you in His mission.

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