Summer Internship

Be changed. Be equipped.

As you think ahead to 2023 and how you could spend your summer months, opportunities to travel “across the pond” are becoming more realistic and readily available. So why would you consider staying stateside for the summer when you might have the opportunity to have an overseas experience? Because while going overseas for the summer would no doubt change you, it might not equip you to go back and make change in your community — and our heartbeat in offering this internship is for you to be changed and equipped for long-lasting impact.

Join our team this summer, and step into a Christ-centered community that will help you:

  • Grow in gospel fluency while cultivating the countercultural rhythms of a missional life. 
  • Identify your unique giftings and passions and how those play into God’s global mission.
  • Engage the American church with education and cross-cultural exposure that challenges individuals to discover their role in the Great Commission. 
  • Develop as a disciple who is equipped to mobilize and make disciples in ethnically diverse communities and contexts.

Being changed.

At the core of this internship is a desire to see each intern experience Jesus and His good news in a fresh, relevant way in this cultural moment. Our staff are committed to walking alongside you in your own journey of discipleship to Jesus through discussion-based training times and one-on-one coaching, helping you grasp the importance of intentional spiritual formation and as well as grow in Biblical literacy and deepening roots in the gospel.

You will be challenged to implement missional routines and rhythms into your daily life and encouraged to become a lifelong learner. You will be immersed in a Christ-centered community of believers who are passionate about seeing the Triune God worshipped among all nations and who understand that their own lives must also be saturated with holistic worship. And we trust that, by the end of the summer, you will not only love Christ more, but that you will look more like Him, too.

Being equipped.

As you live in community with our staff, you will have the opportunity to do ministry right alongside them, getting equipped formally through weekly training times as well as hands-on ministry alongside staff. Throughout the summer months, we host hundreds of American believers through our Short-Term Missions trips, helping them grasp God’s heart for the nations and challenging them to become active participants in God’s global mission through praying, giving, going, welcoming, and mobilizing.

 As an intern, you will be equipped to help host these individuals by learning how to teach, lead prayer walks, introduce new cultural experiences, facilitate simulations, and more. Experientially and holistically mobilizing people in Atlanta will equip you with skills to take back to your home church or college campus to mobilize others in your sphere of influence. You will also have the opportunity to invest in the culturally diverse community of Clarkston and the greater Atlanta area, and will learn how to engage with and befriend immigrants, refugees, and international students. Our staff will train you in principles of working cross-culturally, and will walk alongside you as you have the opportunity to invest deeply in an individual or family from another country, sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Details at a Glance:

Location: The Northeast Side of Atlanta
Dates: June 3, 2023 –  July 26, 2023
Price: $1,500

This summer is all about discipleship. In our individualistic and increasingly secular society, being a disciple of Jesus is countercultural. It takes intentionality and committed community to truly develop as a follower of Christ whose life embodies the gospel… and our staff desire to provide an atmosphere where such development and growth can take place. Our Summer Internship has been holistically crafted around the goal of seeing our interns changed by the power of Jesus and equipped to make change in their communities by the power of Jesus. 

If you are a globally-minded Christian between the ages of 18-25, Global Frontier Missions would like to invite you to prayerfully consider spending your summer with us right outside of Atlanta, GA in an ethnically diverse community where you can intentionally cultivate the lifestyle of a Global Christian.

“...faithful, resilient disciples are hand-crafted one life at a time.” - David Kinnaman

Are you ready to learn more? Connect with us today, and let’s have a conversation to see if joining us this summer is how you can best know Jesus and best make Him known.

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