Habits of a Global Christian

Cultivate the lifestyle of a Global Christian… one habit at a time.

In recent years, there has been an increase of research done and books¹ written on the significant role that habits play in our daily lives. It has been reported that over 40% of people’s daily actions don’t stem from intentional thought or active decision-making, but rather from habits that they’ve developed (whether consciously or unconsciously).² But this is not simply a new fad or contemporary way of thinking. 

C.S. Lewis, great British thinker and beloved writer from the 20th century, once commented:

“Good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the little decisions you and I make every day are of such infinite importance.”

Here at Global Frontier Missions, we believe that the Great Commission will be fulfilled by followers of Jesus who, fueled by a vision of people “from every nation and tribe and people and tongue” (Rev 7:9)  worshipping the Lamb of God, intentionally cultivate the lifestyle of a Global Christian… one habit at a time. We want to equip you and encourage you in whatever ways we possibly can as you allow your life and imagination to be shaped by a vision of Christ’s worthiness. And we’ve gathered some resources to help you in that pursuit.

Whether you’re new to the whole missions thing, or whether you’ve been intentionally pursuing the lifestyle of a Global Christian for a while now, we invite you to explore the five habits that we’ve identified and outlined as foundational building blocks in this journey. Often, participation in the Great Commission gets relegated to taking a short-term missions trip one week out of the year. But we would like to challenge you to see how participation in the Great Commission is a lifestyle that can be cultivated day-in and day-out, all-year-round.

These ‘habits’ are by no means new nor are they meant to be seen as an exhaustive list. But we trust that this will be a great starting place for you as you seek to be intentional with the small, daily decisions that truly are of infinite importance.

The Habits of a Global Christian

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Sources and Notes from above:

¹ The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, You Are What You Love by James K. A. Smith, and Atomic Habits by James Clear are some examples of such books that a few of our staff have read and would highly recommend.

² “Interventions to Break and Create Consumer Habits” (Bas Verplanken, Wendy Wood), “Habits — A Repeat Performance” (David T. Neal, Wendy Wood, Jeffrey M. Quinn)