Atlanta, GA

Global Frontier Missions in Clarkston

Known as the “most diverse square mile in America,” Clarkston is a suburb of Atlanta and is home to refugees representing 60+ countries and 110+ dialects.

Northeast Atlanta has proven to be one of the most strategic places in the world to reach the nations and is a great launching pad for fulfilling the Great Commission. In the past 10 years, over one million people have immigrated to Atlanta from all around the world. Clarkston, which is located right outside of the city, is home to thousands of refugees who have tragically had to flee for their lives from their own countries. This creates a unique melting-pot of culture within this one little famous town.

Clarkston opens the door for you to experience incredible cross-cultural interactions and relationships, and provides an amazing opportunity to present the gospel to those that have never heard the name of Christ.

GFM 90 UPG have been identified in Clarkston

When you look at ethnically diverse cities like Atlanta, you can begin to imagine what Jerusalem must have looked like in the first century. The beginning of the book of Acts records that the gospel spread quickly from Jerusalem to many Gentile nations because it was a city where people from all over the world had gathered. It was a cultural, economic, and religious crossroads, much like modern global cities around the world today. Especially since the 1996 Olympic Games, we see that Atlanta has become one of the main “Jerusalems” in the southeastern region of the United States. This international hub is now home to immigrants, refugees, and international students from almost every nation on the planet. And within that vast diversity, we’ve chosen to focus on Clarkston and the refugees that have been placed there.

Alongside like-minded local organizations and churches, the GFM Team in Clarkston extends a warm welcome to foreign-born newcomers, many of whom come from the world’s unreached people groups and now have the opportunity to hear about and understand God’s love, through Jesus, for the first time.

It is within this extraordinary and unique context that we offer cross-cultural missions training for followers of Jesus. If you’re seeking to catch a glimpse of God’s heart for the nations, be equipped to be an effective disciple-maker, or invest in a season of holistic preparation for cross-cultural work, consider spending some time with us in Clarkston. You won’t regret it!

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The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

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The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

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The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

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