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The Great Commission Among Unreached People Groups

In the year 2000, Global Frontier Missions was founded with the purpose of seeing disciples made and churches planted among the remaining unreached people groups of the world. GFM’s humble beginnings involved one missionary couple making disciples and planting churches in a few of the least reached villages in Oaxaca, Mexico. Hosting short-term mission trips and summer internships led more people to join GFM with God’s vision and heart for all nations. This couple started an indigenous Bible school to equip local leaders in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among their own peoples. They then started a missionary training school to equip more people to serve among the 3.19 billion people that have never heard the gospel. GFM’s staff and vision steadily grew over that first decade.

In 2010, several people left the GFM Mexico location to plant “home hubs” in Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX in order to focus on mobilization and pre-field missionary training while working among the unreached living in the US. With a goal to expand to other multi-ethnic cities, we launched locations in Richmond, VA and Sydney, Australia. GFM believes that the best way to train missionaries is to offer cross-cultural experience before launching to the field, so we purposely chose locations with people from many different countries and people groups in which students would do the work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting with Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Our passion is to make disciples who will make disciples to pray, give, go, welcome, and mobilize others strategically to ensure that the remaining 7,000 unreached people groups have access to the Good News of Jesus. Additionally, GFM established strategic partnerships with other missions organizations so that we work together to take the gospel to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.

In addition to missionaries getting the knowledge (head), character (heart), and skills (hands) necessary BEFORE launching out, many missions agencies realize the need for laborers to be well cared for during their first year on the field with JUST-IN-TIME training. So, GFM launched our first “field hub” in South Asia as part of our THUMB people (Tribal, Hindu, Unreligious, Muslim, Buddhist) strategy. The purpose of a “field hub” is to come alongside missionaries during their first 6-18 months on the field to help with language learning and acculturation, to navigate visa and government issues, to figure out identity and valid platforms to serve in the country, and to get basic life skills to thrive in country. We hope to add more of these “field hubs” in the future in major gateway cities (i.e. Istanbul, Dubai, Bangkok).

Read more about GFM’s history.

In 2020, GFM celebrated its 20th anniversary. We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us over the next decade or two. Until All Have Heard…

Over the next several years, we plan to focus most of our strategic efforts in the following 5 areas:

The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

Pre-Field Training

The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

Tentmaking Training

The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

On-The-Field Training

The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.

Global South Training

The story of Global Frontier Missions has a beautiful and rich history.


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About Global Frontier Missions: Our Organization

Global Frontier Missions (GFM) is an international, inter-denominational Christian missionary mobilization and training agency. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was incorporated in the state of Virginia in the year 2000 and later in the state of Georgia in 2009. We have a diverse board of directors and a global leadership team that provide most of the strategic direction for the organization as well as leadership teams at the local level that oversee each of our hubs.

Check out the entire history of GFM and our future vision as well as our statement of faith and core values.  For more information about Global Frontier Missions, check out our ministry overview, annual report, organization financials, and endorsements.

Our Timeline

GFM established and receives IRS non-profit status.
GFM hosted first Summer Internship.
GFM hosted first Short Term Mission group.
GFM began first indigenous Bible school.
GFM hosted first Missionary Training School.
GFM launched first church planting team in Mexico.
GFM took first trip to 10/40 window.
GFM developed THUMBs Up Vision with the goal of seeing a base started in the Tribal, Hindu, Unreligious, Muslim, and Buddhist world.
GFM developed "Jerusalem strategy" focusing on gateway cities.
GFM joined the Standards of Excellence (SOE) in Short-Term Missions and started the Atlanta location.
GFM sent out Thailand church planting team.
GFM sent out South Asia church planting team.
GFM launched Richmond, VA location.
GFM launched South Asia Hub 2 base and started Missionary Residencies program.
GFM launched SLICE program in South Asia.
GFM celebrated our 20 year anniversary.
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