Global Frontier Missions (GFM) is a movement of Christ-centered communities dedicated to mobilizing, training, and multiplying disciples and churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the least reached people groups of the earth.

We pray this website helps you have a good understanding of the missionary task and that we can help you find your part in fulfilling the Great Commission. GFM’s website will help you catch the vision for what God is doing among the nations through GFM 101, figure out “What’s Your Role?” and how you can most strategically get involved in missions, and then provide ways to come Join Us as we make disciples of all nations among those that have never heard.

If you are not well versed in missions or just beginning to explore, we highly recommend that you start off with our GFM 101 video series:

What is a UPG? – This video explains unreached people groups and why they are important to Great Commission involvement.

The Biblical Basis of Missions – This video gives a birds eye view of “the story of God’s glory” from Genesis to Revelation.

The State of the World – This video explains the great imbalance of where our missionaries and finances are going compared to the need around the world.

God’s Heart for the Foreigner – This video explains what the Bible has to say about foreigners living in our lands.

3D Gospel – This video gives a good overview of guilt innocence, honor shame, and fear power worldviews to help us minister to people from those cultures.

Christian Community Development – This video is based on the principles of Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett’s When Helping Hurts.

The Power of Multiplication – This video explains a simple multiplication disciple-making strategy and explores the possibility of the task remaining being completed in this generation.

Cultivate the Habits of a Global Christian

Once you have checked out the GFM 101 resources to help gain a good understanding of the “why” behind missions in general and Global Frontier Missions specifically, we want to help you figure out the best way for YOU to become a Global Christian that is actively participating in the Great Commission. Check out these five simple habits to cultivate as you seek to become a more globally-minded Christian. We want to help equip you to learn for about missions, pray for nations, go to the unreached, send the goers, welcome internationals, and mobilize more people to missions involvement. Until all have heard!






Now that you have caught the Great Commission vision through GFM 101 and learned about the Habits of a Global Christian, why don’t you consider coming to Join Us so that we can continue equipping you more for your specific missions journey. Whether you come on a one day Global Missions Tour or join us for missionary training, we are dedicated to helping individuals and churches do a better job of reaching out to internationals and going to the ends of the earth making disciples of all nations.

* Step In Study – Help lead a five-week missions course taking a Sunday school class or Bible study through several of the GFM 101 lessons in a small group context. Help other believers find their role in the Great Commission and do your part in mobilizing other Christians into missions involvement!

* Short-Term Missions – Come learn alongside of us for a one day Global Missions Tour or a three day Global Missions Journey, or host a Global Missions Experience at home. We provide a great mix of teaching as well as hands-on cultural experiences among Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Our goal is to equip you to live on mission in your context rather than just providing a spiritual high in ours!

* Missionary Training School – Thinking about working long-term among the unreached in your own back yard or overseas? Don’t go ill-equipped! We can help you be more fruitful and last longer by pouring into you for five months. Online training also available.

* SLICE Program – Have a heart for South Asia? Learn Strategy, Language, Identity, Culture, and Exalting Jesus in order to set your self up for long-term health and fruitfulness among the unreached in southern Asia.

* Join Our Staff – Why not consider coming on staff with us in AtlantaSouth Asia, or Thailand as we mobilize, train, and multiply more laborers to serve among the unreached?

* Give – Partner with us as we mobilize, train, and multiply disciples and churches to serve among the least-reached people groups of the earth.

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